Pre-school education in Shanghai-OMEP
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Organizer: World Organization for Early Childhood Education
Contractors: OMEP China Committee;
                        China Early Childhood Education  Research  Association;
                        East China Normal University

Pre-school education in Shanghai

Shanghai is a vibrant, modern city with a long and rich history. Local government has paid a lot of attention to early childhood education and has established a pre-school public service system, aiming to provide every child from birth to 6 years old with appropriate and excellent pre-school learning. Early childhood education, as an important component of basic education, has always played an active and fundamental role in the process of modernization for Shanghai. In the past few years, Shanghai has made rapid progress in system improvement, nursery facility construction, education reform and international exchanges through phased step-by-step planning and implementation. There are 1337 kindergartens, serving young children aged 3-6 years. The current number of kindergarten children is 444,200 and the enrollment rate has reached 95 percent.

Shanghai has formed an early childhood upbringing and learning system for 0-3 year olds, taking a community-based, early education organisation-centred and family-oriented approach. Up to now, 96.2 percent of parents of 0-3 year olds have received 4 free sessions on early Childhood education guidance and consultations annually.