Kindergarten list-OMEP
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Organizer: World Organization for Early Childhood Education
Contractors: OMEP China Committee;
                        China Early Childhood Education  Research  Association;
                        East China Normal University

Kindergarten list

The Experimental Kindergarten of Hong Kou District [Click]

BenXi Road Kindergarten [Click]

West Nanjing RoadKindergarten [Click]

Pu Nan Kindergarten [Click]

Shanghai Experimental Kindergarten [Click]

Si Nan Road Kindergarten [Click]

Wu Nan Kindergarten [Click]

Xuhui Ke Ji Kindergarten [Click]

China Welfare Institute Nursery [Click]

Aolin Kindergarten [Click]

Hehuachi Kindergarten [Click]

Longbai No.2 Kindergarten [Click]

Nanyang Experimental Kindergarten [Click]

The Early Education Guidance Center of Putuo District [Click]

Shanghai Private Yilin Kindergarten [Click]

Shanghai Middle Zhijiang Road Kindergarten [Click]

Chen Bochui Kindergarten [Click]

ShanghaiVictoria Kindergarten (Pudong)  [Click]

Pugongying Kindergarten [Click]

Wannan Experimental Kindergarten [Click]

Yuyuan Road No. 1 Kindergarten [Click]

Huangpu No.1Child Care Center [Click]

DayingKindergarten [Click]

Waigang Kindergarten [Click]

Lanxi Road Kindergarten [Click]