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Organizer: World Organization for Early Childhood Education
Contractors: OMEP China Committee;
                        China Early Childhood Education  Research  Association;
                        East China Normal University

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Instructions for Preparation of Presentations

Four types of presentations are included in this conference

1. Symposium

Each symposium which includes three to fivepresentations lasts about 90 minutes. The organizer should chair the sessionand keep good control of time. If there are three to four presentations in a symposium,each presentation should last no more than 20 minutes. If there are fivepresentations, each should last no more than 15 minutes. The organizer(chair)should leave time for comments on each presentation, discussion between thepresenters and the audience and make a summary at the end of the symposium.

 2. Workshop

Each workshop lasts about 60 minutes and sharepractical and teaching experience in early childhood education. If there isonly one presentation in a workshop, the presenter should complete thepresentation within no more than 40 minutes. If there are two presentations,each presentation should last no more than 20 minutes. If there are threepresentations, each one should last no more than 15 minutes. The presenter(s)should leave time for discussion with the audience and make summary at the endof the workshop.

 3. Individual Paper Presentation

Each session of individual paper presentations whichinclude three to five individual presentations lasts about 90 minutes. Eachpresentation lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

A chairperson should be selected among thepresenters. During the presentation, the chairperson should remind thepresenter(s) of the time period. At the end of the session, he/she should leave10 minutes for discussion between the presenters and the audience.

4. Posterpresentations

Three sessions of poster presentations will be heldbetween July 11th to 13th. Each presentation lasts about1 hour. During the presentation, the presenter should stand by his/her posterand answer questions put forward by the audience.

Please note that the size of the poster is90cm(Length)*60cm(Width). It is better if the content is presented in one sheet.It is also acceptable if the content is presented in multiple small sheets. Theconference preparation committee will provide tape or pins for the presenters.If you have any questions, please ask the student volunteers for help.


1. A computer and aprojecter will be provided in each room except for the Multipurpose Room.

2. Presenter(s) who willpresent in the form of a symposium, a workshop or an individual paper shouldprepare the Powerpoint Slides. However, as the computers only recognize slidesproduced by the windows system, presenters who use MAC system may convert theslides to an appropriate format for display.

3. After each session, astudent volunteer in the room will copy all the slides.