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Organizer: World Organization for Early Childhood Education
Contractors: OMEP China Committee;
                        China Early Childhood Education  Research  Association;
                        East China Normal University

2013 OMEP Congress Registration form Shanghai, China July 11–13

Chinese Conference Participants Please Register Only on Chinese Website

Individual       Group
I. Personal Information
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II. Registration Fee
Reg. TypeEarly Bird Ends Apri 30, 2013Regular Ends June 10, 2013After June 10, 2013Banquet July 11, 2013
Regular1850CNY 2050CNY 2250CNY 500 CNY
Student*1250 CNY 500 CNY

*To be eligible for Student Registration, you must be a full-time student and upload a copy of your valid student ID here.

The payment is calculated by Chinese Money, based on the rate of Dollar to CNY on December 7th, 2012, 1USD=6.2317CNY

III. Accommodation
Executive Leadership Academy, Pudong (ELA)   I don't need


Up to May 31th, 2013, the hotel room reservation for Ramada Hotel was full. The rooms for the participants who had chosen Ramada hotel on the registration form but had not paid are still available. After June 1, 2013, conference participants may choose the hotel on the conference site, Pudong Executive Leadership Hotel (Internet service is not available), or you may choose the hotel on Booking site.

A: Hotel Information: The hotel is on the congress site (99 Qiancheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai)

B: Hotel Rate:

Room TypeEnds Dec. 31, 2012


Ends April 30, 2013


Ends  June 30, 2013


Single bed (Figure 1)430 CNY   (Breakfast included)460 CNY  (Breakfast included)530 CNY  (Breakfast included)
Double beds (Figure 2)490 CNY  (Breakfast included)530 CNY  (Breakfast included)560 CNY  (Breakfast included)
Small Suite (Figure 3)690 CNY  (Breakfast included)720CNY  (Breakfast included)780 CNY  (Breakfast included)
Medium Suite (Figure 4)720 CNY  (Breakfast included)750 CNY  (Breakfast included)800 CNY  (Breakfast included)

Arrival Date   Departure Date   Total 0 Nights   
Executive Leadership Academy, Pudong (ELA)

  • Figure 1. ELA_Single bed

  • Figure 2. ELA_Double beds

  • Figure 3. ELA_Small Suite

  • Figure 4. ELA_Medium Suite
Total Amount: 0.00CNY

IV. Tour
Huangpu River Evening Boat Tour (Dinner included) 100 CNY
Total Amount: 0.00CNY

V. TOTAL Payment
Enclosed 0.00CNY

Registration Policy

Payment must accompany the Registration form. Non-China registrants—be certain that your fees are paid in US Dollars. Cancellations must be submitted by email to Registration fees are non-refundable after June 10, 2013. Cancellations received prior to June 10, 2013 will incur a 465.00 RMB processing charge. Refunds will be issued in the same manner in which payment was received. When submitting a refund request, please include the name and registration ID of each registrant, the name of the organization, or person receiving the refund.

Note for Remittance:

The official money type for the congress is Chinese Money, Ren Min Bi (RMB or CNY). The congress registration fee is calculated according to the amount of Chinese Ren Min Bi (CNY).

Have questions about 2013 OMEP Congress Registration? Contact or call to 86-021-62232342